At Bourgeois Bohème, we are committed to maintain high standards of security and compliance, ensuring your assets are protected.

Enhanced Transaction Security

We ensure your safety with advanced transaction security, including 3DS 2.2 for online payments.
Your privacy is paramount. Our cards and wearables don't display names or account numbers.
You have total control with customizable rules and limits for accounts, spending, and top-ups.

Our Services, Tailored for You

Our compliance and risk team, along with our procedures, are tailored for high-net-worth clients.
24/7 support is available in-app, including
a call-back option.
Our app allows you to easily block, freeze, or unfreeze all your devices with a single touch.

Safeguarding of Funds

BoBo’s financial services are provided by Moorwand Ltd (FRN: 900709) in the UK, regulated by UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and UAB "Via Payments" (Electronic License No16) in the EEA regulated by Lithuanian Central Bank.
Client funds are kept in separate accounts,
safeguarding them from corporate debts.
In case of insolvency, you’ll get most of your money back, except for the costs deducted by the insolvency practitioner.

Fraud and Scam

In addition to all of BoBo's security measures,
it's important to remain vigilant against potential external fraudulent activities.

Three easy steps that will
help you to safeguard yourself:

Verify Identity and Legitimacy: Always confirm the identity of individuals and the legitimacy of requests through trusted channels.
Be Vigilant: Maintain a high level of skepticism and caution in all communications. Do not share sensitive information without proper verification.
Household staff: Secure payments with budget oversight. Set limits for household staff while granting fund access.
Report Suspicious Activity: If anything seems suspicious, report
it immediately to our customer support via
Inner Circle: Share high limits for transfers, payments with those closest to you.Set customized rules like auto top-ups when their balance is low.
In addition to all of BoBo's security measures,
it's important to remain vigilant against potential external fraudulent activities

Main types of scams you should be aware of:


Purchase Scams:

Be cautious with online purchases. Verify website legitimacy and only share sensitive information when sure of its authenticity.

Investment Scams:

Top-up your BoBo account with high limits and auto top-up, bank transfer or instant transfers between BoBo members.
Exercise due diligence and consult
a trusted financial advisor before investing.

Romance Scams:

High payment limits
allow you to spend
in uninhibited ways and enjoy your life to its fullest.
Stay vigilant against individuals online who rush into romantic relationships and ask for financial assistance.

Advance Fee Scams:

Be skeptical of requests for upfront payments; legitimate entities don't demand advance fees.

Invoice and andate Scams:

Verify invoices and mandates with known contacts before making payments.

CEO Scams:

Validate unusual requests from executives through separate communication channels before taking action. Cybercriminals may impersonate company leaders to deceive employees.

Impersonation Scams -
Police/Bank Staff:

Be cautious with unsolicited calls or emails from alleged law enforcement or bank staff. Verify their identity through official channels before sharing information.

Impersonation Scams - Others:

Be cautious when approached by anyone claiming to represent a trusted entity. Independently verify their identity before engaging in transactions.